Joney's Cross: 2nd February

Another chilly one this week, but most hashers seemed to have arrived early.  The hares, PP and FF, holders of Hare of the Year, both had the lurgy, and made a note of not promising an award winning trail! Bean bag bought some Chinese lanterns (made by Spongeblob, Imogen and Mrs Blobby) to celebrate the Year of the Whores (or was that horse?), and gave these to the children.  We welcomed back the family of "Dave from Dawlish", and his clan had swollen.  But Dave himself was absent.  He missed yet another shiggy trail, with Itsybitz enjoying the puddles again.  The sun came out at the sweety stop - where Strawberry Softies made a welcome appearance.  The dry-roasted peanuts were back for the circle, and much enjoyed with a beer after a 4.3 mile trail (map below).

Sweetie Stop!

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