Westcombe, Alphington: 9th February

This was Blobhoblin's birthday hash, and a small but "elite" group of hashers gathered outside his home.  Hole-in-one blocked the road to Blobby's neighbours with her car door while she changed - completely unaware.  While I (Stix) attempted to "shiggy-up" my new trainers with weeds from the gutter.

Blobby promised us a historical tour of Alphington, and we visited the old prison, including a small gate where prisoner's exited before they were hung, railway cottages and bridges, a corn mill, and the garage where Shakespeare got his car serviced (might have got that last one confused).  The sweetie stop was on Alphinbrook, sadly flowing too fast to hash down in to the village.  After the pack enjoyed beer and pizza - thanks to Mr and Mrs Blobby for their hospitality.
H marks the History stop
Sweetie Stop on Alphinbrook
Regroup in Alphington


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