Milbury Reach, Exminster - Bollards, Stix and Speedy

A small, select gathering this week as the athletes and stupid were doing the Grizzly. The children were in charge for one week only! The sun shone for us on the warmest day of 2014. A 3 mile jaunt around the village followed the chalk-talk from Speedy. It was a "leisurely" pace, including two regroups at playgrounds, with sweetie top at each. The trail was mainly on paths and roads, but there was some shiggy at the end as we crossed the village meadow. We enjoyed garlic bread and pizza at the end, thanks to Bollards, sitting outside the front of the Stix's house in the sun. There was homebrew for the grown ups too. Julie was christened "Double-D", as were daughters "Chipmunk" and "Runner Bean"
Sweetie Stop number 1 at Deepway Green
The Hash Horrors and Sweetie Stop number two.

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