Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common - Tampa

A beautifully sunny morning enhanced the views across Woodbury Common.  The trail took us out of the congested car park (not all Hashers) and down towards the woods where there was a long short split.  At the end of the long loop was "RJS".  We briefly pondered as to what this may be; Re Joice, Sweets! Re-Juvination Stop, or perhaps Re Join Short which proved to be the case.  We were shortly up to our knees in bog, then treated to a steep incline to the Sweetie Stop.
There were plenty of fish-hooks on the trail.  Tampa had suggested 5 to go back, but the number seemed to vary wildly until at one point it seemed that the entire pack had back-tracked.  Hole-in-one and I, Bollards, had fun pretending to have shoe-lace issues, although in her case it was more often that not true, and of course, I was required for balance as she stood on one leg to attend to errant elasticated laces.  Suffice to say, we managed to avoid all but the last fish-hook employing this tactic.
PP secretly bought her supply of pegs and handed them around the hash to confuse Speedy.  It worked - for a while.  We tried to persuade him that we had found several on trail, being those lost on previous hashes - he was having none of it.  By the end of the hash, more people were wearing pegs than weren't.  I just hope that PP got them all back, although it would be a good excuse not to do any washing this week.
Sunny Sweetie Stop

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