Four Firs, Woodbury Common - 13th April 2014 - EJ

A glorious sunny morning, but was it warm enough for t-shirts, and still chilly enough to run with coats? That was the topic of conversation at our end of the car park before the hash started.  The trail crossed the road and heading parallel to the road before performing a number of switch backs.  All was well until the long-short-walk split, but then the hash began to fragment.  The leading group of longs managed to follow the trail incorrectly, with the real athletes left to do a long-long of loops and mazes around the forest.  Lots of marks, buts lots of twists and turns, meant that the "real" longs arrived at the sweetie stop about 20 mins after the short-cutting longs and the rest of the pack.  But we had the hare with us, and the sweets!  By now it was an hour into the trail, so only 5 did the next long, but we were all back in the car back for 12.30 after about a 4.5 mile trail.  Lots of fines were dished out Twin Peaks and Speedy, and Lurch and Mad Max had down Downs for wearing new trainers (see below).

Hash Circle
Down Downs for new shoes!

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