Ashclyst Forrest - 6th April 2014 - A la Ronde and Irresistible

A lovely muddy trail for the intrepid hashers who ventured out into Ashclyst Forest on what was forecast to be a rainy morning. But the heavy showers stayed away, and the worst we suffered was a bit of drizzle. We were a little late starting due to the absence of much of the mismanagement, no Bitz's and no Groucho. But Blobby eventually set us on our way at around 11.15. 3 long shorts were promised, and a sweetie stop. The children all seemed to have extra energy - all doing the longs, on what turned out to be a 5.2 mile trail. The mud really was the 'best' this year, with Runner Bean and Rocky pretending it was liquid chocolate. Total Eclipse what caught "lying down on the hash" - apparently she had two falls, and had a muddy hand print on her rear. She claimed it was her own!  The Ha Ha's caused much confusion, with Paperwork seeming to get the most confused...

Speedy deputised in Twin Peaks' absence for the circle and we 'welcomed' our virgins: all of them being associated with Total Eclipse and the hares from the Met Office.

On On to Four Firs next week!


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