Tampa's 65th Birthday BBQ - Clyst St Mary - 25th May 2014

Sadly I forgot to take any photos this week.  But since there was no Sheriff, I probably got away with it.  In any case, if you remember Tampa's BBQ trail last year, you may have recognised certain elements!

Somewhat of a "unsettled" feel to the weather, humid, but then cold; sunny, but later showery.  We met at the car park at the top of the village and headed towards the road bridge, but then back towards the Half Moon pub.  Across the old bridge, with a back check sending us across the field alongside the river.  The longs headed into the marshy fields, the less intrepid saw the first stream to cross, and then decided against it. Through some cows, and then up along the lane behind the showground.  Many, many fish hooks, and lots of ladies with injuries and shoe laces that were coming undone.  We headed across the fields, having the regroup in Sowton Village.  The sweets were very impressive, with Twix nibbles, Revels, Body Parts, Malteasers - and plenty of them.  The longs went up the hill, to be met with a Ha Ha (thanks to Imelda), and then rejoined the shorts through the village.  Across the fields, and we were tempted by a river crossing, but decided against it!  On back to Tampa's garden for the BBQ.  I recorded 6.8 miles on the trail!  The food cooked by Chef Tampa, aided by Brains and Coffin (the morning after her Hen night) was superb, and we thanked him with the normal tuneless rendition of Happy Birthday.  

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