Ellerhayes Bridge - Sore Point and Paperwork - 1st June

Virgin "Steve" joined us this week.  He knew nothing about what was about to happen, but seemed confident that he would be ok because he does "a lot of kayaking"!!  It was also good to see Tail Lamp, Ullage, Belltoll and Woof Woof after a few weeks'/months' absence.  Hole-in-One suprised us all, having gone grey since we last saw her!  We were warned that there were sheep and cows on the trail (although that got some members of the pack quite excited...), and lots of "normal people".  We set off around 11.10, but not so late that we missed the Tampa-clan arriving.
The hash started with a confusing trail, lots of places to check, slow progress, and hashers missing the trail.  Tampa was calling on bird poo!  Little Runner Bean led the pack around a difficult loop up (and down) a bank, and the pack kept together well throughout.  The sweetie stop (photo below) was right in front of Killerton House, much to the amusement of the "normal people".  Soon we had a long / short, on which Hole-in-One reminded us about her gash on her bum. And we arrived back in little over 1 hour and 10 mins, to enjoy the circles with beers and nuts.  Virgin Steve (who turned out to be rather fast!) thanked the pack for a fun morning.
On On to the Obelisk at Mamhead next week.

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