The Obelisk, Mamhead - Imelda and Coffin - 8th June 2014

A 28-strong pack turned up at Mamhead for Imelda's second lay in three weeks- with Coffin as her co-hare.  Despite it raining in Exeter, it was sunny when we arrived - and stayed sunny for the duration.  We welcomed back Strongbow to his first hash for a few years, and hash-virgin "Alice" was greeted by Tampa by embarrasing her in the chalk-talk.
It was a varied trail - some good runs on tracks, some shiggy, and a few steep banks to conquer.  We headed up to the Obelisk itself (photo below), where Woodpecker pointed out his house, and the venue in 3 weeks time, after which the trail headed towards the Mamhead road, then looping back towards home.  There was some dubious marking (a fish hook, followed by a cross a few feet later?!?!), but generally very well laid.  A long for the runners added an extra 1/2 mile before the sweetie stop.  Just before which Molly decided to bathe in some mud, and ended up looking like a vice-versa sweet, brown on one side, cream on the other (photo below).  The sweetie stop was surprisingly close to home.  Fines went to Twin Peaks for missing a fish hook (awarded by Deputy Sheriff, Speedy), The Old Nag for boasting that she never got fines, Strongbow for wearing an orange t-shirt, Woodpecker for short cutting and the hares for feint markings.
On On to Little Haldon, on the B3192 just outside Teignmouth, next week.

View point at The Obelisk

Molly, at the regroup, after bathing in the mud 

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