Groucho and Farmer Jon's Birthday Bash Weekend

Bridge Farm just outside Stoke Canon was the venue for Groucho and Farmer Jon (aka "here he is") birthday bash.  It all started at 5pm with a hash laid by Groucho and Blobby, which first headed towards the village (via a loop for the longs).  Only Rocky and I did the "wet" short (everyone else either choosing the long or the road bridge), through a shallow stream, and then across the river.  The longs, a little while back at this stage, managed to take themselves off-trail and through an arch beneath the road, where the slurry was rather deep.  But at least they had the river to wash themselves off.   The the trail headed towards the railway line behind the village, and back to the road for the sweetie stop, where Rebecca (later named - see below) showed the kids how to eat nettles without getting stung!  The shorts headed straight across the road, and a pile of bollards was too much of a temptation for me, and I blocked the trail with 8 red cones.  Sadly, the longs didn't even seem to notice.  Then we followed the Culm back to the farm.  Screecher ended up with two pegs and had to pay the fines, and Rebecca was named "Crazy Minx"  (earlier in the day she revealed that this was her nick name when she was a cheerleader!) and awarded a Down Down.

The barn was kitted out for the ceilidh - lots a bails of hay and a stage, and a huge train that the kids loved!  Farmer Jon's friends and family joined the has and the food and ale was fantastic.  Then the dancing started - see the video below.

A few hashers camped overnight (including the D's, Porridge Gobbler and Alice), but most returned for 11am the next morning.  The hash had actually circled up at 11.00 - I've never known that before - we arrived at 11.01 and were declared late!  Twin Peaks was the hare, and Spocky was already drinking the beer, and carried his pint as we set off.  The start of the trail headed along the lane we finished along the previous day, but we soon headed up the side of the valley.  We ran along lots of fields, through copses, and negotiated at least two barbed wire fences.  A sweetie stop by a fallen tree was most welcome as most of the pack were struggling. This was a trail of many fish hooks - 10 at each one!  Soon we were back on Stoke Hill road, where the longs headed across the road for what was billed as an "interesting" long.  Interesting because it headed down a steep valley, with a Ha Ha at the bottom.  We rejoined the shorts, and headed along the bridleway back to the farm.  There was still beer to finish.  Besides the fines, Alice was given a down down, and named "Swinger" (because she stayed the previous night on the farm in a hammock, and Bollards for wearing new (to hashing) shoes.

Thank you to Farmer Jon, Groucho and Bean Bag for organising a fantastic weekend.  On On to Uphams Plantation, Woodbury Common, next week.

River crossing on Saturday after the slurry
River crossing on Saturday
Ceilidh dancing
Sunday Hangover Hash (walk!)
Sunday hangover hash sweetie stop


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