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King George V Playing Fields, Exeter (or was it?) - Swinger - 26th April 2015

No words for this week's trail as yet... but it was certainly a different way to start the trail. Don't forget to  RATE THE HASH ! Next week's trail is from  Muttersmoor Car Park, Sidmouth ( click for map )

Bitz's House, Exmouth - Spocky and Itzy - 19 April 2015

This morning's hash gathering included a very pregnant Coffin and some visitors from Hertfordshire along with the usual suspects.  Itsy had helped Spocky lay the trail around Exmouth complete with a wade up stream giving everyone chance to get their feet wet and to christen their new trainers - and there looked like there were a few pairs on trail today.

Widecombe Way, Exeter - Hole-in-1, Strapo and Swampy - 12th April 2015

Another good turnout for the hash laid by Hole-in-one, or was it Swampy and Strapo?  Anyway, we started from Hole-in-one's house who even allowed a couple of her neighbours to join in. The trail took us into Mincinglake Park for a loop, with a Ha Ha for the longs and a couple of other splits in order to keep the pack together.  Poor Bell Toll managed to turn his ankle ahead of the first regroup, but managed to keep going around the rest of the trail.  I was behind him at the time and didn't hear any cracking noises, so hopefully it's not too serious.

St Lukes, Exeter - Stix family - 5th April 2015

Bollards and I thought we'd only see 20 hashers at tops on our trail on Easter Sunday, but at last count it stood at 42!  That's what the promise of chocolate does! Speedy and Rocky have swimming lessons at 9 am at St Lukes, so it was an ideal opportunity to lay a city centre run.  We didn't want it to all road, so planned a route visiting all of the nearby parks.  Finishing with the traditional Easter Egg hunt.