Newton Woods - Blobby and Ms Peaks - 10th May 2015

A small pack of 14 (15 if you count Annabelle) of us this week, but it seemed as if we wren't even going to make double figures as we waited patiently at Newton Woods.  The early arrivers had helped a "normal" couple to jump start their 4x4, which kept us occupied as the late comers got stuck behind a tractor blocking the lane.  About 10 mins late we set off, with a quick loop around the land opposite the gate, before heading off deeper into the woods.  Not easy ground to run over, with really deep ruts, anthills and sticks to avoid.  But there were plenty of fish hook sna regroups to keep the pack together.

We headed to the edge of the clearing in the woods, the field being bright yellow with oil-seed rape.  Then the longs skimmed around the field, before returning back along the side of a small wooded valley to the sweetie stop.  There were a good mix of sweeties, but we were shocked to find one bag already open!  Had the hares been nibbling while they laid the trail earlier this morning?  The Groucho managed to tip the entire packet of all-sorts on the floor.  Paperwork said that they'd be safe to eat (although I didn't see him try any), and then then to a delightful discussion about the relative toxicity of urine and poo! (apparently the former is fine!).

The trail continued with more regroups (where the photo was taken below) and fish hooks, and we were soon reunited with Coffin and Annabelle.  Then a nip along another field, to avoid the muddy lane, and back to the cars.

Thanks to the hares for a lovely trail - but there wasn't much running!  Even thought it was only three miles, it still took over an hour!

Don't forget to RATE THE HASH.  Next week's trail is at Bowd Layby (A3052, just before the turning into Sidmouth, click here for map) with a BBQ back at Strapo and Swampy's house if fine!
A small pack this week, but Coffin and "Annabelle" waiting for us, not far away 


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