Newton St Cyres - Groucho - 28th June 2015

A relatively short trail this morning, but not short on interesting conversation.  The trail started with a long/short split that was “not suitable for the smaller hashers”.  After jokes about Twin Peaks not being eligible, the longs headed down the road, turning left into a field of barley/wheat which was about waist high.
It had also been raining, so it was a bit like wading through water and there were multiple opportunities to lacerate or sting your legs on various species of spiky vegetation.  Double D was heard lamenting about a thistle between her legs. (Insert your own joke about it only being a little prick).
The trail continued along a road and up a footpath where Stix and Paperwork were heard discussing Woodpecker’s swimming pool (aka the fertility pool following several incidence of hash births nine months after hash events at Woodpecker’s house).   I think the discussion was about probability and cause and effect, but there were mentions of extra cleavage being on show…..
As we arrived at the Sweetie Stop, Tampa drove past.  He had got lost on the diversion (which had caught a few hashers out on route to the Golf Club) and had enjoyed a detour around Crediton.  Fortunately, he managed to park up and catch up with the pack as we headed towards a regroup where Paperwork could be seen doing manly things with a large branch, clearly beating the hell out of something.  It turned out to be some vegetation and he was taking revenge for the spicules that had caused havoc with his legs during the wade through the fields.
Soon we found ourselves in an orchard, where Twin Peaks and some of the front runners completely missed a fish-hook before turning on to the road and then naughtily cutting back along the Golf Course.  Someone claimed to have seen marks that apparently weren’t there, but we were very careful to stay near the hedge, and there was no-one playing anyway.  Sorepoint was suffering as she had twanged her hamstring by, rather impressively, doing the splits following the can-can at Zoot and Hotlips’ wedding the previous evening.
The on-down was at the Beer Engine in Newton St Cyres, now under new management, and very enjoyable it was too.
Its Groucho again next week, laying live from the lower car park at Stoke Woods (map is here). Please can someone write a few lines and take a photo, and email me it ton us (   And as always, don't forget to Rate the Hash.
At the regroup - just after meeting Tampa arriving late in the car - 20 mins into the trail!


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