Four Firs - Woodpecker - 12 July 2015

I become very disorientated on Woodbury Common, so I'm probably not best placed to write the words.  The pack headed off through a gate and along some gravelly paths, before it became a bit muddy.  We crossed over the road, and then crossed back again a bit later.  There were a couple of long/short splits and a sweetie stop.  It was quite warm and raining at the same time which was a bit weird, but not unpleasant.
The funniest bit was when Twin Peaks and Swinger got back to the car park and realised that Skippy had gone for an extra run. (Obviously laying and haring a trail are just not enough for some fit people).  He had their car keys and bike locked away in his van. There was a brief circle and then we headed off to Woodpecker's house.  Skippy, being quite fast, was soon back and Twin Peaks and Swinger seemed to get to Woodpecker's before we did, so were not kept waiting for any length of time.
Some hashers had a dip in Woodpecker's swimming pool, while others played tag rugby on the croquet lawn, before the lovely food was dished up by Mrs Woodpecker.  It was divine.  I don't do hot 'n' spicy but it was lush; really tasty and fragrant, with just a hint of chilli.  Properly done too and not out of a packet.  She is very talented.   I'll go round there again if I'm ever invited back.
Tell us what you thought of the trail by rating the hash - click here. Next week's trail is at Danes Wood near Killerton, click here for a map.
Regroup - but this is the photo without Spocky because the second one I took was blurred.  He made some excuse about looking around for missing the first one, but I expect he went for a wee.  


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