Danes Wood, Killerton - Sorepoint and Papeerwork - 19th July 2015

Something for everyone this week.  A pack of 30 arrived at the car park... unusually most were on time.  But there's always one, and this week it was Damp Patch who pitched up 15 minutes late.  We were warned of a "proper" long of some 1.5 miles, and the split was close to the beginning of the trail.  All the bad parents left their children with Groucho on the short, and it was nice to enjoy a run without them, for a bit, until we realised that there was no one to slow the pack down.

After what almost seemed like a whole trail itself, the longs met the shorts again, not far from the main part of the Killerton estate.  Not long after, we spotted the picture frame (below), and a chest of clothes.  At this point, all interest in following the trail evaporated, and instead we donned the Victorian dress and posed for photos.  Then some of the walkers joined us, and it was their turn.  What we didn't realise, was that the sweetie stop wa just around the corner, and the rest of the pack were wondering where we were.  After about 15 minutes, we'd had enough, and joined th rest of the pack for the remaining sweets.

Then the trail continued down through the estate, through a small children's adventure playground, where the kids (and grown up kids) clambered over a wall with ropes, and Fancy Licker got lodged in a hole in a tree!  Past a wasp's nest towards the road, and the longs continued across the road, before heading back to the car park at Dane's Wood.

The usual beers (and G&Ts) and crisps were enjoyed in the car park while the fines were dished out.  Down downs were also given to X-bitz becuase it was her birthday on Saturday, and Groucho's son was named "Faceplant".

Tell us what you thought of the trail by rating the hash - click here - remember the votes will be counted and the prize awarded at the Christmas meal.  Next week's trail is at Brampford Speke, Park near the church, and click here for a map.  It's likely to be a wet one, so bring a change of clothes!


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