Jubilee Club, Pinhoe - Twin Peaks - 2nd August 2015

A slightly depleted hash, due to Birthdays, holidays and people just not bothering to come, met at the Jubilee Club car park; a rather sharp turn off the road to Pinhoe.

Twin Peaks had laid a 3-and-on trail with plenty of fish-hooks to keep the pack together. I must have done most of them and I think Stix did them all as he managed to clock up almost a mile further than me on the technology. The marks were on the left at the beginning, up until the first regroup – except when they were on the right, and the pack quickly became disorientated with the amount of building work and new road layouts encountered on route. We even ventured across the new “Blue Bridge” which is something of an icon in our family as we know we are nearly home when we see it from the motorway.

There was a barely visible electric fence in one field which we were warned about. Once that had been safely negotiated (under/over/between posts), we reached the sweetie stop, and due to the low numbers there was plenty to go around.

The trail continued onto a lane, back under the motorway and took a tour around Pinhoe for the longs. Back at the car park, we all sang Happy Birthday to Rocky (8 today!) and ate some Birthday cake.

The next hash is on Sunday 9th August is a joint trail with Isca H3 from Topsham Rugby Club (map is here. Don't forget to Rate The Hash.


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