Clyst Hydon - Groucho - 27th September 2015

A glorious sunny day!  And after a very windy journey, we arrived at the village hall at Clyst Hydon.  We took the route via the B3181 and Beare, a not-overly-used lane with grass growing up the middle.  Groucho had laid the trail yesterday, and had a few difficulties with his trail laying.  But it was all going to be fine - including a route through two fields of cows and a field of horses.
 However, before we started, Oddbitz was on the mobile, he couldn't find the village hall.  It seemed odd because it was signed from the village centre - turns out he was in Clyst Honiton!  
There was obviously a flour shortage when Groucho went to buy his supplies earlier in the week - the dots were small at the best of times, but completely lost in the long grass - this caused the "longs" some problems at the checks!  The first long took us round the back of the Primary School, and I must have added an extra 3/4 mile searching for the trail on that part of the trail!  But eventually it was found and we joined the shorts (and Oddbitz, who had parked up).  But immediately we split long-short, and found ourselves searching high and low for the marks at the check again!  Past the cricket club, and one of many fish hooks, and soon reached a regroup, which was nominated as the sweetie stop.  
After mending the gate (!) we slowly headed up the field before heading through another couple of farms into Clyst St Lawrence.  But we still had some off-road to do, and those fields of cows and horses.  It turned out that some of those cows were bullocks!  But it was fine as long as you weren't wearing blue - as we told the kids - like a blue rag to a bull...  After quite a long stretch across the fields, we were back on the road, just up from the Five Bells, just around the corned from the On Home.
After the fines (don't forget to pay up!), Stingray and Ballbait were named.  The a few of us enjoyed a pint at the pub.
The next hash is from Otterton (village centre) - a map is here.   And please don't forget to Rate The Hash.  Finally click here to order your hash tshirts, hoodies etc before the order is placed in November.

Ballbait and Stingray


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