The Obelisk, Mamhead - King Louis and Coat Check - 25th October 2015

We circled up at a just past 11 O'clock (GMT) although the Bitz's could have been there an hour earlier, and somewhat ironically, Spring Forward and Fall Back were latecomers, alongside the usual suspects.  After about 10 breaks in the circle as we'd chosen to stand on the main thoroughfare out of the car park, we eventually got going, with both the longs and shorts heading towards the viewpoint.
 Shortly afterwards, the was the first of the long/short splits which took the longs in a big loop, eventually coming back past the viewpoint again.  We didn't see the shorts until the sweetie stop and after a brief section of joint trail, the longs went off to the right while the shorts went left.  
Around we went, until we came to a check where there seemed to be quite a bit of confusion.  Someone called on and off we went for quite a way until we reached the road.  The Hare was following, but looked a little confused, with good reason, as we were off trail.  We doubled back on ourselves before taking a right hand turning up through the trees until we found the On-Home.  We certainly got our exercise; clocking up almost 6 miles on the long.  A great virgin lay from Coat Check and King Louis (or is it Leer). 
You would have thought that we wouldn't make the same mistake of circling up across the car park exit, but we did.  Fortunately, it wasn't so busy but there were a few interruptions.  There were plenty of fines and a birthday cake for Brains (featuring Kayaking) and Quality Street for Oddbitz who were both a year older this weekend.
Don't forget to rate the hash and order your hash haberdash before the middle of November if you want it in time for Christmas.
Next Sunday we're at Forest Gate car park, Ashclyst Forest.
I got fed up of being left out of the hash flashes!


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