Autumn Gathering - Charterhouse and Cheddar - 16th, 17th and 18th October 2015

Another great Autumn Gathering!  Friday night started with sharing out the food that everyone had brought, and getting stuck into the barrel of Branoc.  Boots repeated his Quiz Master role, with his bingo quiz (or is it quiz bingo)?  The kids were haring up and down the corridors, but they all seemed in bed by about 10.  Then the disco continued until the midnight hour, and Spocky managed to scare Bollards with his dancing!  The barrel was emptied, and Spocky was then pusuaded to tap the next one by Belltoll, "What could possibly go wrong?" he told him.  Fu Manchu didn't have a good night either.  His elite drinking club was responsible for falling over the dog in Sore Point's room, and getting bitten.  Then he fell asleep in the chair back in the hall (and scared Titbitz when she got a drink in the night).

The next morning, Strapo was cooking us all breakfast, and he did a superb job.  Then at 11 on the dot, we went off orienteering.  Some of us were more competitive than others.  The Stix and Mouthful families were together in a team named by Speedy, "Geoff is 21" - I'm still not sure why!  But we ended up winning, mainly because of Mouthful's plan to get all the highest scoring stamps, and when he went flying solo for the last 10 mins.

The main hash started at 3, after most of us had a quick lie down.  It was quite a tough 7 miler - on the short, and 12+ miles on the long.  The walkers went straight to the highest point on the Mendips, the rest of us went via Velvet Bottom! Amazing terrain, and gently uphill for most of the time.  After the sweetie stop, it was nearly all downhill down into Burlington for our evening meal.

Back to Charterhouse for disco, down downs and Karaoke until the small hours.

Then on Sunday, it was Strapo again on duty for the bacon-bap breakfast, and a good clean down of the entire building.  Mis App had a mishap - she locked her keys in the van, but that provided great entertainment for everyone else watching the RAC man do his duty.  We headed in convoy down to Cheddar, most of us found a space in a very small car park at the White Hart, and began the has around 11.15.  We were expecting it to be hilly, and indeed is was.  It was up the the highest point in the vicinity, just above the town, where we had the sweets, and then back down Jacob's ladder.  Rocky wore someone's moustache all the way round!  Back at the White Hart, we had our carvery, wished Log On a happy 17th birthday, and went our seperate ways.

A great weekend, with fantastic company.  Thanks Spocky!

Next Sunday we at the Obelisk at Mamhead.  As always, don't forget to Rate The Hash.  Finally click here to order your hash tshirts, hoodies etc before the order is placed in November.


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