Haldon Chalets - The D's - 27th December 2015

Over thirty hashers turned up - amazing since most people don't even know what day it is in this "inbetweeny" part of the  festive season.  It was damp and misty, but not cold.  Groucho had lost his voice over Xmas, so Spocky welcomed the pack, and introduced the visitors, including Uncle Fester, Well Read, Faceplant and Groucho's nephew.  It was good to see all the new haberdashery out on its virgin trail.  Although Strapo had lost an "r"!!
Overall, it turned out to be a trail marked in fish-hooks, with plenty of opportunity for short cutting the loops from the walkers.  First up the trail took us to a layby, where super-enthusiastic 3D gave strict instructions, that when we returned, hash-horrors should only proceed with an adult.  Spocky had his camera so was taking videos around the trail, and often tried to claim that he was filming the rest of the pack when he was first to arrive at a fishhook.   Lots of forestry work had been recently undertaken as many paths were covered with sticks and logs, forcing us to scramble over part.   And so it was incredibly slippery and difficult to r*n in parts, and there were a good number of fallers.  It was fun watching the walkers slip down to the regroup as we were there first.    After the regroup, there was a long straight track, broken up by the fish hooks that kept the pack together well.  3D tried to cajole the pack into checking on many occasions, but was often unsuccessful.  Hole-in-1 had not brought a change of clothes with her, so was the subject of some splashing from Splat and others.  Well Read also did a lot of shrieking when Spocky got his revenge after she picked the wrong man to splash!
No fines after the trail - they begin again next week.  And no beer either, as the ale I brought was passed its best!
Next week's trail is the Xmas trail from Teignmouth - park at Eastcliffe Car Park.
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