Xmas trail from Clyst St Mary - Spocky - 20th December 2015

Today's trail had been planned for weeks, Groucho was laying from the Red Lion in Broadclyst, and then we'd all pre ordered our Xmas lunches for afterwards, with the Annual Awards to follow.  We didn't bank on the new landlord of the Red Lion being so uncooperative and rude.  To cut a long story short, with just a few days to spare, Spocky rearranged the whole thing to take place from Clyst St Mary.

Shame he forgot to organise the weather.  Having been a sunny start to the day, it chucked it down for most of the trail, catching most of us out by surprise.  Starting from the village hall car park, we had a loop for the longs around the houses, then up to the back of the village across some sodden fields.  A great location for a sweetie stop, on a nice day!  Then back onto the flood plain with long loops around even more sodden fields.
There might have been a long queue for the carvery, but the food was good.  The hash bought everyone's first drink.  Then the awards (see photos below), with Woodpecker organising a little musical entertainment (with the help of Groucho and Rocky), and then the new haberdashery distributed at the end.
Don't forget that Annual Subs are due - see this link to pay.
Happy Christmas all! Next week's trail is from Haldon Chalets Cafe, see this link for a map.
Sweetie stop in the rain

The hash horrors getting the first awards of the day
Twin Peaks getting the Bone of Contention, because of her bad toe (apparently)
Swinger getting a beer for laying a summer trail in atrocious weather 
Spocky getting a bottle of wine for something we can't remember (might have been organising the Autumn Gathering, or today's trail, or...)
The D's getting the Sheriff's award for paying the most number of fines
Bollards and Stix being awarded the Sheriff's Funniest Fine award (plus two batteries) for their discussion at Easter about V******rs (not that we can remember...)

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Me and her for doing the website and words
Stix getting the award most prolific hasher
Bollards get molested by an older man (or getting the Henpecker award) for turning up at the hash (the most number of times)
Rocky and Speedy for doing the most number of r*ns this year: junior hashers of the year.  Notice they've got each others' trousers on


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