Joney's Cross - Oddbitz and Wobblybitz - 31st January 2016

A good sized pack turned out for today’s trail as the January grand tour of Woodbury common concluded.  Wobbly Bitz had been lost while laying the trail, but had returned to hare it, thankfully, alongside Oddbitz who’d obviously done the bulk of the work with the flour.
The trail took the pack towards the woods and through plenty of mud.  There were a number of long/short splits and considerable confusion at one point when a faint cross had been found, but as we saw the walkers in the distance and headed towards them, we found marks indicating that we were definitely heading in the right direction and eventually caught up with them at a regroup.  We continued across the common with a number of fallers in the unavoidable, slippery mud.  Splat lived up to her name, the later-named Glow Lite and Sting-ray all came a cropper at some point, although Stingray was helped along by Bramble. 
Despite the high numbers there were plenty of sweets to go round at the sweetie stop and the trail continued through another muddy section before climbing up towards the On Home and car park.
Woodpecker kindly delivered the hare t-shirt back, nicely washed and ironed, and then admitted to us that his hashing shorts had not been washed since 1993, although they had often been exposed to rain, which, of course, makes it just fine. 

Glow Worm’s son was named Glow Lite (at least that’s how I’m spelling it as he’s a littler version of his dad) and after the circle a select bunch went down to the Canon Inn at Newton Poppleford for some refreshment. 
Don't forget to Rate the Hash to vote for the 2016 hash awards - click here. Also, subs are now due - see here. Next week at Stoke Woods - lower car park (click here for a map) and On Down to the Cowley Bridge Inn. Groucho says, "For those wanting a Sunday Roast, its £8.75. Beer is about £3.50/pint and they have Yellowhammer and Rev James, plus others."


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