Stoke Woods -Groucho - 7th February 2016

A small but elite group of athletes gathered at Stoke woods on a much drier day then the previous. Groucho had planned to go out yesterday to lay the trail between the rugby matches but was slightly put off due to the weather,so was up and out early this morning.

Woodpecker arrived before 11 but still didnt manage to make it to the circle on time, not quite sure what he was upto.

Groucho explained that numbers were down, not because it was his trail but a lot of members were on the 4 trigs and ill, we welcomed a virgin hasher, 10year old demi who came with woody. He then went on to tell us about the trail. 3 and on, no official long/short splits but if you wanted to short cut then stop with him. Fishhooks were 4 and back checks to look out for.

Some very eager children and damppatch set off on the first check that took us along the main path from the car park and then straight up a nice recently formed waterfall which met the couple of short cutters up the top. With a number of checks throughout the hash we thought we would leave the checking to the younger hashers (the children) and damppatch (the elite).

We went along and up and across and came to the sweetie stop, by this point we had a few fallers and a very muddy runnerbean and chipmunk, who manged to get mud splats over her face. We enjoyed a selection of sweets, quick photo and off we set again. We made our way back down to the main path where there was a regroup and another short cut was provided which then brought us to a view point for another quick hash flash and then back down to the car park.

It was a very muddy 2miler and fines going to the fallers, including groucher. Woodpecker for using technology on the hash, which wasnt even working and the usual suspects for nurd naming.

Well done to all those that took part in the 4trigs. Don't forget to Rate the Hash to vote for the 2016 hash awards - click here. Next week we're at Forest Gate CP, Ashclyst Forest - Sorepoint and Paperwork. OD Merry Harriers, Westcott (joint with Taunton)

Hares are still required for all date in March!


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