Ashclyst Forest - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 14th Feb 2016

Our annual joint trail with Taunton H3 - as always at a very muddy Ashclyst Forest.  Great to see a pack of 40+.  In years gone by, CoE H3 have been a little unrepresented, but the pack was pretty equally split this time.

Spocky greeted the pack, asking who the GM of Taunton is.  That'll be Sore Point!  The hares had laid trails for walkers, shorts and longs, the shorts being about 2.5 miles, and the longs somewhere between 3.5 and 4.  They were correct - I took the long and clocked in at 3.76 miles!
Needless to say, there was slots of slipping and sliding, and the hash horrors seem to make the most of it.  The start of the long trail took us on a little used track down the valley, and then onto some of the main paths around the woods.  I'd fully expected not to get much of a r*n in today, but I was wrong.  An excellent mix of terrain, some deep shiggy, some fighting through the undergrowth, and some runnable tracks.  We looped around the back of Cadihoe, before heading towards the main road and Budlake, taking in a lot of terrain that I hadn't hashed before - and a nice change from the usual trek around the Forest.
The regroup was on the side of the lane up from Budlake, and there was a good spread of sweeties.  The pack had got a bit spread out by then, but certainly hadn't been a fast pace (Rocky, Speedy and I were almost at the front!).  The walkers arrived about 10 minutes behind the front runners, and then we were off again.  But it was a long way past the half-way point, with the walkers following the green trail home, and the r*nners going the long way round.
We all participated in the down-downs, with Hole-in-1 drinking because of her fall, and Tampa for technology on the hash.  Plus crisps, beer and nuts for all too.  But X-bitz and Coffin had been on their own adventure - they didn't return till after the circle had finished - but all were well (and in mobile phone contact).
Many of the pack retired to the Merry Harriers for lunch.
Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party.
Next week's trail is from Holman Way car park, Topsham. A map is here.  Bring money for parking.


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