Exminster - Bollards and Stix - 13th March 2016

Grizzly week - and our third lay on Grizzy day in 4 years!  And possibly the biggest turnout - 17 of us all told.  Bollards had planned the route and, given that we were expecting only a handful, we didn't do anything special.  But the sun was shining for us, and probably making it too hot for the Grizzlers.  We held a moment's silence for them at the beginning, and it really was only a moment (silly b*ggers!).  We were hashing from the Royal Oak - the pub that has burnt down more times than they've changed the beer barrels.  And the peg made a welcome return thanks to Speedy.

The trail went straight up towards the village centre, with a Ha Ha! for the longs up Exminster Hill.  I'm not sure that they appreciated that!  The another couple of long loops, the first round Crockwells, and then the second around the church. Meanwhile the shorts continued along the main village road.  Then right into the Millbury development by the Stowey Inn, and yet another long taking a trip all the way round the houses to the Sweetie Stop in the playground.
Here we had the crisps and beers as well as the sweets, brought up from our house not far away.  Up until now it had been entirely on road, but it was about to change.  Bollards and I tried to persuade the "infirm and feeble" not to do the next section, but they decided to live-on-the-edge and come anyway.  So we circled the field (not taking the path of course), taking in the view of the M5 and Exminster marshes from the top of the old quarried hill.  Then Groucho needed a wee so wimped out.  He joined Bollards and Stingray to go the tarmac way.  The rest of us went down a steep bank into the woods at the bottom along side the A379.  Geronimo nearly took the express route as he slipped down on his a*se. Then along the footpath before rejoining the others near the Gissons estate.  The trail finished by taking the path across the middle of Crockwells Meadow, and a quick detour around the houses before reaching the On Down.
Fines were dealt out by Oddbitz, including Footloose for finishing with the peg, and a host of other for various offences including short cutting and nerd naming.  The pub were welcoming, sitting us all on one table (apart from the kids - done deliberately) and food and beer were good quality.
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Next week's trail is from the riding school on Dalditch Lane near Budleigh Salterton, a map is here.  Cream Tea for £2.50 for members. Also Groucho will be raising money for Sport Relief!


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