Budleigh Salterton Riding Stables - Spockybitz - 20th March 2016

Most of the Met Office seemed to have turned up to this week's trail.  There was Insatiable, Irresistible, A la Ronde, Damp Patch, Bill Bait, Minxyand probably more.  Speaking of the weather, it was pretty overcast and cold - quite a difference from last week.  And the Grizzly runners were back too: Spocky and No Butt.  And with a turnout of 30+, it was a bit of a squash getting into the car park - and the horses didn't help!  Our hare told us it was 3-and-on... up to the regroup, when he realised he was out of time, and then it was 1-and-on.... I think we've heard that from him before!
It wasn't the fastest start of the year - surprising as all seemed to be keen to get warm.  The longs had a loop around the woods before getting up on the Common.  It was one of those long loops that Spocky is famous for... you know its a loop before you begin it, heading back in opposite direction to the shorts, bound to get you back onto the path you just left 5 minutes before.  As there was a fallen tree that the harriets enjoyed getting their leg over (twice for the longs!)

We were hanging around at the first regroup for quite a bit longer than expected.  Spocky had left Itzybitz in the car park and had to return!  Apparently she didn't want to do the trail!  He got his fine later in the day (along with an ear-bashing from Xbitz!)
Then another long down towards the reservoir, and unsurprisingly a steep climb back up again.  We were soon at the regroup (with a little bit of "following the fron runners" from your scribe) at the ponds alongside the lane.  It was an excellent opportunity for a hash flash on the bridge.  Child Catcher is looking particularly happy!
Then we winded up and down through the woods, before crossing back over the road, and heading back towards home on the other side of the reservoir.  Lots of fish hooks on this part of the trail.  A final long loop before heading back up onto the Common, through the woods, and a steep climb on -home.
Oddbitz was our sheriff and awarded the fines, and Groucho offered the pack the opportunity to buy raffle tickets for the Sports Relief t-shirts (winner to be announced next week).  And then it was into the cafe for our cream teas - properly done with clotted cream and huge scones!  The superb fire was also appreciated by Bollards!
Next week is the Easter Special at Hole-in-1's house - Widecombe Way, Exeter EX4 5BZ (map). They'll be an Easter Egg hunt, and then hot cross buns to follow. Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party.


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