Hole-in-1's house, Mincinglake - Hole-in-1 - 27th March 2016

Our Easter Egg trail started with most of us trying to decide whether we take macs on the trail or not.  There had been a torrential hail storm earlier that morning (while Hole-in-1 was laying) and the sky looked like to hadn't done with us yet.  But we did survive without getting wet.  

Tampa welcomed the pack, including Woodpecker's grand-daughter (later named Nearly Done), and it was good to see Swinger back.  Hole-in-1 told us that it was just going to be a short trail "for the 4 kids" (plus the other 14 who just act like kids).  There were decorated Easter Eggs on cocktail sticks to collect en-route, exchangeable for chocolate at the end of the trail.  I'm not quite sure that children running with long, sharp cocktail sticks would pass a Risk Assessment!
The first part of the trail was on road, but then we veered off left into Mincinglake Park, down a muddy, slippery slope, and started searching from eggs in the under growth.  Soon Tearaway how two eggs and refused to hand one over to "to-be-named-Nearly-Done", but eventually gave in to bullying from the adults!  But there were enough eggs to find for everyone who wanted one.  Across Stoke Hill, and then into a play park (no dogs Mad Max!) with two more eggs to find.  Then were were on route home back through the houses, with the kids deciding to decorate their eggs with "snow" (flour) from the rather large dots that Hole-in-1 had laid.
Afterwards, it was beer, tea, coffee, crisps, chocolate and hot-X-buns for all!  Bluto joined us, because he had been hard at work doing some renovating, and we had obviously woken up Fallen Boobies!
Next week is the Easter Special at Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common - map is here.  Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH this week - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party.

Who appears twice in this photo?


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