Kenton - Stix and Bollards - 17th April 2016

It was definitely a morning where you truly believe summer is not too far away!  A good sized pack turned out for the trail, hared by Bollards and me.  They arrived especially early, with Blobby, and even Fancy Liquor beating us to the car park, with Tampa not far behind (Woodpecker was almost late!).  And then, while the pack were preparing for the off, Rocky managed to fall bottom-end into the box of crisps, So apologies if you get a burst pack, or a pack of crumbs!  

After the usual introductions and instructions (which, on my part, I think I made sound much more complicated than they actually were!) we headed off around the back of the church, over the main road and a quick loop round the park.  Then back onto the lane, before the longs took a left along the footpath towards Powderham.  But it only went as far as the bridge before heading back, then up towards the Victory hall, rejoining the shorts and back over the main road once more.  That was the first half of the train - packed with plenty of checks.  The second half started with a long stretch up the lane towards Mamhead, with a few fish hooks to keep the pack together, and then the sweetie stop (below).  The trail continued through the field of yellow, with a long-short split taking the longs towards Black Forest Lodge, and the shorts along the edge of Kenton Common.  The trail then took us all back to the sweetie stop, before a muddy incline up a track.  We were back in the village on the dot of 12.30.
Not too may fines this week, but I enjoyed everyone's tuneful (!) rendition of happy birthday in the pub afterwards!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and especially to Groucho and Beanbag for the card and beers!
Next week we're at Pynes Hill in Exeter (map is here) [turn right at T-junction].Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH this week - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party.  Also - please can someone send me some words and a photo!
Talking of photos - a few extra ones from Isosceles below!


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