Pynes Hill, Exeter - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 24th April 2016

Not only the trail, but also the words from Blobby this week!
It was a select group of hashers who assembled at Pynes Hill. The weather was fine and the hares trainers were exceptionally  clean. In fact they thought the co-hare Twin Peaks were too clean they might be new. Blobby explained that there was no shiggy on this hash hence the clean trainers. We welcomed a virgin Hasher Eric. We set off as Fancy Liquor arrived, chucking Armless out of the car as she parked.
A brief run up the road and we were on Pynes Hill to be joined by Damp Patch,who had just run 4 miles to get there. Then it was up hill and down dale with plenty of back arrows. Eventually we reached Ludwell Lane, where we had to cross the stream to get to the fairground, which was unfortunately closed. So it was back across the steam where Tampa and Fancy Liqour were in their element as Tampa tried to sit FL in the stream (nothing new there then). Then back to the hills again onto the bridge which was unfortunately not open for hashers so it was back across the stream. The sweetie stop became the fudge stop with plenty of Blobhoblins home made fudge. We then ran back to the cars via some up and downs with Tampa complaining that as it was 20 past 12 he might miss his lunch and cream tea. Amazingly when we circled up everybody had brand new trainers on with no shiggy. Proving that hashing is better than a washing machine. 
Next week we're at Mincinglake Valley Park, Exeter at the Scout Hut [opposite the turning to Collins Road] (map is here).  Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH this week - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party.  


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