Crediton railway Station - Woody - 8th May 2016

A proper summer's hash!  It was nice to be out Crediton-way for a change, and much of the trail was new to me.  Our hare, Woody, welcomed us to Crediton with a bit of history: Crediton is where the tradition of Christmas Tree's originated, thanks to St Boniface.  She also explained much about the trail, which included a full health and safety assessment - "You run at your own risk"!

There was a bit of a fuss at the start - someone had left their car window open, and it sounded like it was Bull Bait, but that turned out to be a "hash whisper", and it was actually Twin Peaks.  Anyway, no-one really knew what was going on, but Miss Peaks duly awarded herself a fine (one of four to herself) at the end of the trail for causing sop much confusion.
Over the railway bridge, along the platform and then back towards the road we had just left.  Then up a narrow fly-ridden path and onto the fields above the town.  Via some checking, we ended up by Queen Elizabeth School, at which point the longs took the off-road path, through a much appreciated shady tunnel of trees.  Some crafty marking took most of us down towards the town, but the trail actually continued in the other direction.  Paperwork got a long way ahead, and always seem to be heading back towards the pack after being first to find the fish hooks.  Eventually we met up with the shorts for the sweetie stop (and some pink elephants!).
Then down a steep slope, and across the railway line again.  The was a river crossing, and then the kids wanted more.  I think Stingray got wetter than most.  We followed the river, and then back across the railwayline before the final long-short split.  According to the hare, the long was "mostly downhill" - which didn't really make any sense, and was in fact "most untrue!"  A rather confusing X at the end of the long (from the outward trail), and then we were on home.
Twin Peaks also had fines for slipping over in a cow pat, I had one for interfering with the trail (making extra dots to send Bull Bait down the wrong way), and Fancy Liquor for being late again.  Plus we named two of the kids, Tom is now know as "Piggyback" and Poppy is "Flytip".
Thanks to Woody for a great trail - don't forget to rate it - and the best hare will be announced at the Christmas Party.  Next week we're at East Hill Strips (near Ottery St Mary), at the Tumulus (park in the layby): a map is here


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