Mincinglake Valley Park - Twin Peaks - 1st May 2016

Twin Peaks had agreed to lay today's trail, because no-one else could!  She was therefore quite surprised to find so many turn up.  Apparently we (Bollards, Stix and family) weren't supposed to be coming either, so she'd been shopping.  We now have an almighty stash of hash crisps!
It was great to see Hole-in-1 back hashing (but then she only lives over the road from the car park), and also Son-of-the-bitz, who seemed to be getting over his chicken pox well.  Plus two more with injuries who'd been absent in recent weeks, 3D (bad knee) and Spocky (torn ligament after playing too hard with someones balls, apparently).  And not forgetting Double-D who was the only one to make it to the hash after doing the Salcombe Marathon yesterday.

The trail started off by heading down the valley, with the Longs taking a flour-less (!) loop down to the road, and then up  Mile Lane, to meet up with the shorts for the the first regroup of the trail. Tampa accused the hare of following the wrong trail! Then up many fields, down many fields, and around many fields.  Lots of fish-hooks too, that Dropped Balls and Bluto particularly seemed to enjoy!  We also almost managed to loose 3D and Tampa thanks to them following from bad advice from Emelda (I think!), but they managed to get to the sweetie stop  - which had great views of the Estuary.  
Miss Peaks was hearing lots of whines about the trail, but that's not surprising given the number of fish hooks!  So the trail continued on-up, and then another Long-Short split, where the Long was shorter than the Short! There was also another fish-hook just after the trails rejoined - so which trail were we supposed to follow back to find the hare?  Dropped Balls chose Long, and got all the way back to the split.  I chose Short correctly!  But made a point to tell Ms Peaks about that bad trail design, just to annoy her further with other winge!  Another impromptu sweetie stop (see photo below) because the short-cutters were making full use of the bench (sitting down on the hash!), and then we worked our way down hill, with more fish hooks, back home.
Thanks again to Twin Peaks for laying the hash at short notice!  And well done to Coffin for taking that buggy all the way round the trail.   
Next week we're in Crediton, near Tesco's, in the car park behind the railway station.  (map is here).  Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH this week - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party. 

Not the sweetie stop, but a stop for sweeties (because some of the pack didn't get to the proper stop!).  Sorry for cutting Chipmunk from the photo!)


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