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Dawlish - The D's - 28th Aug 2016

A very small group of hard core hashers circled up in sunny Dawlish....well it was sunny by the  end of the hash. We welcomed some visitors from New Zealand and the return of mouldy dick and family. I would say it was flat but that would have been a lie. The longs went for a nice loop along past the smugglers and back down the steep hill of the south West coastal path. By the time they reached the sweetie stop which was at the top of the cliff at lea mount the weather had brightened up and we had the stunning view of the coastline and just before we set off again the Sunday stream train made an appearance.  Sweetie stop completed and down hill they went and what goes down must come back up.  Please don't forget to  Rate the Hash ! Next week's hash is Bracken Tor YHA in Okehampton, a map is here .

Four Firs - Woodpecker - 21st Aug 2016

A massive turnout for Woodpecker's trail this week - but no-one was pretending it was for the r*n, we all knew that Mrs Woodpecker's spread back at Pecker Towers was going to be superb.  But the hash itself was a good one too.  It was good to see Isosceles again, and also much of Woodpecker's family. Plus Raspberry Nipple was back from her travels, and of course Spocky and Damp Patch were given a warm welcome after Spocky's 40-b4-40 run the day before. "Only a genius could find shiggy up here" Woodpecker declared, and when he gave us the On-On, he said head East - of course no-one knew which way that was.  However Sorepoint was duly fined after the trail for getting out her mobile to find out.  There was a back check (or back cheque as Woodpecker had previously advised) almost straight away, and then that elusive shiggy as we headed off-piste.  We r*n alongside the Yettington road, and then arrived at the first regroup, where the hash flash (below) was taken.

Newton Poppleford - Strapo and Swampy - 14th August 2016

A number of hashers had camped at Tipton St John Scout Hut overnight, having celebrated Strapo’s forthcoming Big Birthday.  There were rumours of sloe gin and shooting stars, so it sounded like an enjoyable evening.  It was also good to see Sloppy Seconds making a return from Herts.  I thought that Strapo was very brave to lay a trail the morning after such an event, but I was satisfied that he was looking suitably rough and he hadn’t even bothered laying the last section of trail as it doubled back on the first section which is exactly the right attitude for a morning after hash.