Pynes Hill - Damp Patch - 11th September 2016

A fantastic turnout of over 40 for today's hash. It was a 20 minute detour for a 5 minute journey for us since Bridge Road was shut.  But obviously everyone knows the hare wasn't going to disappoint. And if its length (rather than girth) thats important to you, then you were going to like this one.

As the hashers were gathering, there was a bit of a crunch, after Emelda and Coffin damaged the kerb with the underside of their car.  Made some entertainment for a few minutes, but hopefully nothing serious.   Other than that, there was lots of talk of children starting new terms at new schools.  I was looking for hares (I'm now ok for October, but need volunteers for November), and Blobby's charity raising hash on 9th Oct at the Golf Club in Exeter (see facebook or the website)

We gathered around the now slightly poorly looking piece of kerb, and Dampy apologised for his co-hare, Raspberry Nipple, being absent, because she was feeling poorly.  And we wouldn't see her for a while because she was off on a mission again!  He also advised that the blackberries en-route were rather tasty.  We welcomed the virigns (sorry can't remember their names, but a gent who lives very near by, and a young couple brought along by Isosceles.  It was very quickly noticed that he had very new looking shoes on...

The start of the trail headed back towards the junction, and we were soon on the hilly, meadows, which would make up the majority of the r*n that followed.  There seemed to be a hugely long-long really early in the trail... I realise that Pynes Hill is named after a hill - but the terrain was surprisingly "undulating".  In the late summer (early autumn) humidity, it was tough going.

I was surprised when we found ourselves back on Topsham Road, and heading towards the Tally Ho!, and a trip around the houses. After a bit of confusion around Lilm Kiln Lane, saw us near the river, then back along side the Crem.  With 4 miles under the bonnet, a sweetie stop was desperately called for, but it wasn't quite time yet.  Pass a young couple "sitting on top of each other" in Northbrook park, across the BMX track and up a MASSIVE hill to the sweeties.  Most of the pack had already arrived - and were SITTING DOWN!  I hope they have paid their fines.

Then another loop down (and the UP), along Ludwell Lane, ANOTHER loop, and finally back to the cars.  I'd done 6.1 miles, but Spocky had clocked up over 7!  But then that was our own silly fault for doing the longs on a Dampy trail.

Fines were awarded to all those that were sitting (please pay up as we need your cash for the Xmas drinks subsidy!), and to Isoceles for not letting his visitors know about the etiquette concerning new shoes!  He was not too happy about drinking from his footwear!  (Thanks for the photos!) Finally, Bull Bait got fines for being smutty, after remarking that Child Catcher didn't like seeds inside her.

Next week's hash is from Bovey Tracey, and as always - DON'T FORGET TO RATE THE HASH



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