Bovey Tracey - Mouthful and No Butt - 18th Sept 2016

Another large turnout for No Butt and Mouthful’s trail at Bovey Tracey – a popular hashing venue that had also hosted the Full Moon Hash on Friday. Consequently, there were left over marks which could potentially mislead the pack, although the hares stressed that they had laid very neat marks and not “flour explosions” which we were to ignore.
There were a couple of Virgins brought along by Minxy and Iscoceles’s friends from last week had returned. Both had footwear issues with Minxy’s friend having to purchase a pair of trainers on route to the hash and the very white trainers from last week were still looking just as pristine. Both were suitably punished in the closing circle. The trail lead through the park and out along the old railway line with a number of loops for the longs. We encountered some foreigners out for a walk. I thought they might be Geordies or even Scottish, but CC could understand what they were saying, as they were talking in French. Bull-Bait was heading back on a Fish-hook and explained it all to them almost in their native tongue, as it turned out that they were Belgian. (Interesting fact – Despite mainly speaking French, Belgians have their own word for eighty, as opposed to the French “four twenties”? I didn’t know that until yesterday). It was relatively flat until we reached the sweetie stop. Stix had acquired a selfie stick for the hash flash. It seemed to work – eventually. There were some excellent fruity liquorice sweets from the co-op. The hare gave some confusing instructions about the trail being a “squished figure of eight” and that at some point we would be re-tracing our steps, but I couldn’t really visualize what he was on about so I just followed the pack and seemed to get back all right. The trail headed up into some woods and into the Parke Estate. This was the hilliest section of trail and there was a view point, but I was too oxygen deprived to be able to appreciate it. Mouthful warned us about a field of bullocks who were unsure of their sexuality. There were no funny goings on by the time I got there and they kept well out of my way. At the bottom of the hill, we found ourselves back on the original trail (like we had been told) and in a gateway we found a sign saying SWIM. Still oxygen deprived, CC and I couldn’t work out what the “I” stood for, thinking that the S referred to Short and W for walk, but helpfully a passing member of the public advised us that we needed to go down to the river for a swim. It was mid thigh deep but Mouthful wanted to ensure that we didn’t remain dry and dived in complete with his phone strapped to his arm. Soon we were On Home and heading through the park. In the closing circle we all enjoyed cake to celebrate Top Off’s 12th Birthday.
Thanks to Bollards this week for writing the words. Loads of photos from Rambo are here.
Next week we're at Stoke Woods - upper car park (map is here), then On Down to the Cowley bridge Inn.
Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH.


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