Stoke Woods - Hole-in-1 and BlueToe - 15th Spetember 2016

Today’s trail was laid by Hole in One (the witch) with an on down to the New Inn at Cowley Bridge.
On the hash: I think of rude things in my head, Rocky forgets some cups and bull bait drinks out of his shoe.

First of all, Coat Check and King Louis where late. We were told by the hair that there would be not one but 2 sweet stops. When we first started the hash we had already noticed it was completely flat there was no ascent or decent what so ever. Continuing downhill we found the witch has a habit of putting fish hooks at the very bottom of a hill - still it is not as bad as having one at the top of assent. 5 checks later we found ourselves in the in a !@#?/<> deep ditch. Finally, we found our first long short split I thought the long looked ?*<! So I took the short plus the sweet stop was just a few steps away. At the sweet stop we soon found out that the hare had run out of sweets so we went hungry for the rest of the hash. Annoyingly we had to start climbing again.
For what felt like miles we climbed until Bollards broke the news to us that we had only done 1 mile so to increase my fitness I took the long, soon I found it led to a ha ha so we had to walk all the way back to the long short split.
Ten minutes later we acted-out eating some sweets before slowly walking the short amount back to the car park.
By speedy 
Edited by Sticks (if he is not being lazy).
Next week we're at Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common.
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