Newton St Cyres - Groucho and Bean Bag - 16th October 2016

The road closures in and around Exeter due to the Great West Run didn’t hamper the journeys of those who made it to today’s hash, and with no late comers, it can be assumed that everyone who intended to be there, was.  Janet made an interesting entrance to the car park; arriving off road across a field!
We had been advised by email prior to the hash that it was to be a live trail with Beanbag and Groucho setting off early and the remainder of the pack getting going at around 11:20.    There were a few reassuring arrows at the beginning of the trail, but when we reached the first check, we realised that we didn’t know how many dots were on.  Perhaps that lack of information from the hares was a ruse to hold us up?
There were 4 long/short splits in total – although I can’t remember the last one -  and the trail looped in and out of fields and orchards and onto lanes.  I’m sure we doubled back on ourselves at one point.  On occasion we couldn’t find the trail, but that made it all the more fun!  There were plenty of fish-hooks all requiring 3 hashers to return to either Blobby-the-pseudo-hare, or whoever was at the back.  Strangely, the last fish-hook required 8 to turn back.  I believe that Stix may have had a hand in that, although he blamed Rocky for altering it.
We made it back to the car park a few minutes after the hares.  It was an enjoyable trail and we decided that this Golf Club could be a good venue for a picnic next summer.
Most of the pack went to an on-down at the Beer Engine in Newton St Cyres afterwards.
(Words by Bollards)
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Next week's trail is in Silverton, meeting the Square by the war memorial. Then On Down to the Silverton Inn: hares are Hole in One, Bluto and Black Widow

Bullbait and Stingray were missing from the sweetie stop becuase Stingray was feeling unwell. "Janet" took the photo


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