Silverton - Hole-in-1 and Black Widow - 23rd October 2016

This week's words by Groucho! 

Twas a cool but sunny day today as the pack arrived at the village of Silverton. What was noted by the hares was the number of hashers wearing hats of the bobble variety, Autumn  must have arrived. We started at the normal bewitching hour of 11.00hrs, only to see two late hashers appear, the usual two Tampa and Woodpecker who were fined by the sheriff. The pack pressed on due to the fact that several of them were cold, what wimps, however  I am pleased to report many more were made of sterner stuff. The first of three long short splits resulted in the longs having to return from whence they had been having one to a ha-ha. Only the shorts were laughing.

After about 30  minutes of hashing we reached the sweet stop for a sugar top upas one hasher described it. Next came our first and only encounter with mud, we had been lead off road, we also noticed the longest flour arrow ever seen or was it a case of much spillage of the white stuff. We continued to skirt around the village for the next half an hour before arriving back in the village square, which was our starting point. Once back we had a head count and this resulted in a scratching of heads by the hares. After about ten minutes the absent hashers appeared, Woodpecker and Strapo to name but two. They were of course fined by our hash law-enforcer Miss Twin Peaks. Beer and crisps were then consumed by the pack, fines paid then everyone disappeared, home.

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Next week its the Autumn Gathering, and our 800th hash!  If you're staying at Charterhouse, then you'll get all the details this week. The 800th r*n is on Sunday, at The New Inn, Cross, on the A38 just as you turn towards Axbridge and Cheddar. Its an hour's drive from Exeter.


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