The 10th Autumn Gathering and CoE H3's 800th hash

It was in the planning (at least by Spocky!)  for months, and finally the weekend was upon us.  Bollards, Speedy, Rocky and I arrived mid-afternoon at Cross to recce our Sunday trail.  Bollards had explicitly told me only to take one pair of trousers.  Pity we choose to walk the trail in our non-hashing clothes ... never mind - muddy jeans for the rest of the weekend!  Then a quick journey across to Charterhouse, where the beer was already tapped and things were already getting going.  As the hashers gathered, the food mounted and the fun started.  A great selection of food brought by one and all, and Strapo and Swampy did a great job of getting it ready.  

Beer, Boots' Photo Booth, Laughs, Music, Kids haring up the corridors, Food, Strawberry Smoke and ... Critters followed.  I hope you enjoyed the freeze dried locusts and meal worms - even if they do get stuck between one's teeth!  But the centre-piece for the evening was the return of Spocky Time.  Can't remember who one, but that Krypton-Factor spot-the-detail video, with classic clips from past Autumn Gatherings, and X-Bitz being provocative in front of the camera, sticks in my mind!  Beer Barrel no. 2 tapped

Music and Whisky continued to the early hours, and then a full cooked breakfast for Saturday thanks to Strapo and Swampy again.  A spot of orienteering, with the usual suspects taking it far too seriously.  Some freshly cooked soup for lunch, and then a little nap for many, before the trail started at around 3pm.  

A little drizzly, but nothing to dampen spirits.  Some boy racers entertained the longs within 10 mins of the start. They'd got their cheap 4x4 grounded on a track - but despite our efforts,  nothing could be done.  A lot of hills and sweat followed, on an amazingly picturesque trail, with a sweetie stop at the top of the gorge before descending to the pub at the bottom. The pub did a great job in providing dinner, before Spocky and co. ferried everyone back to Charterhouse for the Circus-themed Party. 

More disco, and the hash circle (one-size-fits all!), and beer barrel no. 3 tapped! Then the frogs chorus, sorry I mean Karaoke till the early hours.

An extra hour in bed, and by the time we'd risen, Strapo and Swampy had already cleared up from the night before. Bacon Baps for breakfast.  Hoovering, cleaning, and a trail to lay for us. 

A well-trained pack turned up for 11am with time to spare, including Blobby, Groucho and Miss Peaks making the 1 hour journey from Exeter.  A surprising view-point, a hellish hill, and a sweetie stop in the woods.  Then back to the New Inn for a great lunch.

Thanks to Spocky, and also everyone else who helped across the weekend - either in official roles, or just doing the dishes!  A selection of photos below - more on facebook.

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Next week we're at Salcombe Hill, Sidmouth (opposite the observatory)(map)

Saturday Chalk Talk

Stuck-in-the-mud on the longs
Saturday Pub dinner

Saturday Sweetie Stop

Saturday trail

Sunday sweetie Stop

One size fits all?
View point!


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