AGM minutes

Thanks to Bull Bait for these!

AGM 27 November 2016

Present. Groucho, Bean Bag, Blobhoblin, Hole in one, Bluetoe, Woodpecker, Stix,  Bollards,  Childcatcher,  Bullbait, 3D

Elected positions. All incumbents had indicated in advance that they were happy to stand again

Groucho was re elected as Grand Master. 
Spocky was re elected,  in his absence,  as Hashcash 
Twin Peaks, in her absence, as sheriff. 
Blobhoblin was re elected as On Sec
Stix indicated he we was willing to stand as hare raiser for one more year but would then stand down. He was re elected for this year. 
Bollards indicated she was willing to stand as web mistress for one more year but would then stand down. She was re elected for this this year. 

Club accounts were shared and discussed. Including the accounts for the Autumn Gathering, which was noted as having made a small loss of around one hundred pounds. The club is also a few hundred pounds down on where it was this time last year. 

Annual subscriptions were discussed with the aim of increasing them slightly to increase revenues. Discussion followed on various permutations for individual members,  couples and families. Motion to keep individual annual subscription at £20 while increasing the family or couples rate to £35 was proposed and voted upon. 

Xmas lunch. It was agreed to spend around £100 on subsidising the Xmas lunch and spending around £50 towards drinks for members for the Xmas meal. So for members that would be around £8 per adult and £5 per child. Groucho will deal with liasing with the pub, while Stix will publicise the event on the Facebook page. Aiming to have money from people by 8 Dec and final numbers to the pub by 12 Dec. 


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