Danes Wood - Bull Bait and family - 20th November 2016

It wasn’t a great day for the Bitz’s.  Not only did they arrive late, but X-Bitz wanted to promote the Rowcroft Hospice Event (£10 per ticket, includes veg or meat chili and entertainment) and had forgotten to bring the leaflets with her and Spocky had forgotten his trainers.  Crocs just weren’t suitable for the terrain and he was forced to take a walk with the rest of his family instead of having a good training run – oops!  First fine of the day recorded in the Sherriff’s book.
The pack gathered for an extended opening circle as everyone seemed to have something to say.  There were visitors from Plympton with a complicated story about why they had turned up.  Eventually the Hares were allowed to introduce their trail; 2 and on, 3 miles for the short and just over 4 for the long. 
The trail headed in the direction of Killerton through fields, wooded paths and lanes.  There was a very amusing Ha Ha at one point.  I managed to get all the way there, and then waited with Twin Peaks for the rest of the pack to join us – I’m too kind!  The first Long was a loop around a field, past a church and through a farmyard before re-joining the short when we headed up into the woods, eventually arriving at the Sweetie Stop, with views over to Dartmoor.  We all witnessed Spocky fall down a slope while carrying his son.  Fortunately, only his pride was hurt but, ker-ching, more money was generated for the Christmas drinks.
A second loop took the Longs around the hill that the Shorts went straight up before heading down towards Killerton House, along the lane and a track and back to the car park.  I seemed to have clocked up rather more than 4 miles, but had enjoyed it, so I didn’t mind.  The Walkers, including Spocky, joined the circle after driving back from the main Killerton Estate, thereby clocking up fine number 3.  There were further fines for Geronimo who wiped out at the beginning of the trail, lies, fish-hook avoidance and issues with bras and seatbelts from the Plympton contingent and various other trivialities.  All in all a good day for hash funds.
(Words by Bollards)

Please remember to Rate the Hash - the votes will be counted in a few week's time, and the award made for 'best lay' at the Christmas meal.
Next week its the AGM at Hole-in-1's house (Widecombe Way, Exeter, map is here). Please bring a mug!  Hash food (sausage sandwiches) to follow.

Crocs for hashing... whoops


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