Mamhead Obelisk - 3D and Double D - 22nd January 2017

With some of the regulars away skiing, it was great to see a pack of some 30 up at the Obelisk car park.  And good to see the Boots's back with Sylvie in the push chair. The circle gathered, as it always does, in the most awkward place - in the middle of the road around the car park.  We moved to the side eventually, where a somewhat downbeat 3D gave us the chalk talk.  Apparently the trail laying went a little wrong, and it was on the short side - but it was not necessarily his fault.
With our confidence now sky-high for a great trail, the pack sped off (not really) across the road.  At this point Twin Peaks declared that she needed a wee, and before I could say anything, Speedy replied that he would watch!  I think she held it in, at least until she got far away enough from Speedy!  Then a very early long-short split, with the longs going through a plantation, and then a check, and after quite a lot of fruitless checking, the hare pointed us up through some rough scrub-land. We rejoined the rest of the pack and continued along the main path; at this point I think a mistake was made.  The pack managed to find the wrong route, up through the forest and to a junction where there was a second long-short, oblivious to the fact that we'd just missed out about 1 mile of the trail.  The long took us to a H H (obviously the hares couldn't spell Ha Ha), and we reversed to rejoin the short and up to the sweetie stop.  It was now Damp Patch who needed to relieve himself, and since his attempts to hide what he was doing were so poor, I though a photo was in order. Is this a hash-slash-flash?

Lots of sweets to go round, and the normal hash flash, before the hares told us about our error on the trail, so we went all the way back and did the loop we'd missed.  There was another long-short on the loop, around which Boots and Imelda went around the wrong way.  Then all the way back to the sweetie stop to return to the trail as it should have been.  A final long-short took us around the edge of a cleared area, and quite difficult to find marks, but we could see the front runners ahead, and returned home via the road.
Lots of fines this week, including to the late comers (Hole-in-1, Coffin, Janet etc), to Speedy and I for having unhealthy obsessions with weeing, and the hares for sending runner bean out with new shoes. I'm sure there were others.  Janet and Edwin were named: Janet is now "Happy Snapper" for always offering to take the hash flash, and Edwin "Humpty Dumpty" for falling off a wall at the Xmas hash.  Hole-in-1 was also finally awarded the 'Its Laid' trophy for laying the greatest number of trails in 2016 after missing the awards ceremony.
Next week its Woodpecker's trail at Mutter's Moor (Peak Hill) just outside Sidmouth (map is here).  Please don't forget to Rate the Hash.  Next week is also the last opportunity to pay your annual subs - but you can pay on line here.


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