Mutter's Moor, Sidmouth - Woodpecker - 29th January 2017

'Twas a wet morning in Sidmouth and Woopecker had been out laying since first thing as to avoid the arriving rain.  By the time the pack arrived, it seemed in for the day, but not yet too heavy.  Woopecker had his flask out - I presume it was coffee or tea, but who knows - it may have been something stronger.  Since he'd decided not to wear his famous unwashed (until recently) shorts, perhaps we were in for a tough trail?

Twin Peaks spent quite a long time in the bushes and Speedy threatened to follow her again.  Not the kind of behaviour perhaps that our visits expected to see - Armless and Sleepless from Otter Valley, who'd also been hashing with Isca this week.  Since we already have an Armless (son of Fancy Liquor), Howling Wilf suggested we rename one of them 'Really Armless' if they both appear together.
In the Chalk Talk it was revealed that Spocky was poisoned from his kick-boxing activities last night, so was walking around the trail.  Woodpecker explained that this was not the trail his planned, but is a series of tight loops - something Bollards and Child Catcher found amusing!  Bollards had already remarked at the arrival of Armless and Sleepless, or as she called them - the 'young men' - they seemed to spend the rest of the trail chasing after them - women of a certain age....? 
The trail headed over the road, and up some really slippery paths towards the cliff.  Not the kind of trail you want to do if recovering from a very bruised ankle, hey Bull Bait?  Then there was a fish-hook, but Woodpecker was not at the back of the trail.  He'd cut short and was already back on the other side of the road, and was looking after a quick regroup (where the pack didn't wait for Miss Peaks and I who'd fish-hooked and were searching for the hare!).
Soon another long short, where the longs took a sharp decline into the valley - again not good for injured ankles, and of course back up again.  Then we were at the sweetie stop at which Woodpecker had chosen to hold by a small hut in case it was raining - probably big enough for about 5!  Newly named Happy Snapper and Humpty made a late appearance.  They arrived at around 11.20 at the car park, due to some errors in map reading by Humpty apparently!  But they'd followed the trail with ease, and Happy Snapper performed her new role as photographer
As the trail continued, the rain started to become heavier, and there was another long loop before we headed back towards the car park after just 2.75 miles.  But that was appreciated by all, because it was becoming a little too wet.  Hash drinks and snacks in the car park, and lots of fines, most memorable were the ones to Bull Bait who is becoming rather to famous for his smut!  There was also talk of strap ons, and a fine to Old Nag for faking injury at a fish hook!
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Next week we're just a few miles away from this week - in Newton Poppleford (Tennis Courts, Back Lane; map is here) with an On Down at the Canon Inn). Hares are Strapo and Swampy.


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