Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver - 19th February 2017

A large pack turned out for this week's Hash which proved to be a problem at the Haldon Belvedere Layby.  It was car Tetris as more and more hashers arrived and normal people left.  

Wide Receiver and Haribo had laid a 3 and on trail; and why use a path when it's possible to scramble up a bank or through some brambles.  Not being much of an agriculturalist myself, all trees tend to look alike, but on the first part of the trail I really was seeing the same trees over and over again.  I also saw the same bridge, from many angles, several times and in general was completely confused!  
The sweetie stop was in front of the Castle, but I nearly missed it as I was following some trail, that I never followed again, so I was clearly coming at it from the wrong direction.  Fortunately, there were plenty of sweets to go round.
The next part of the trail saw us heading into a different part of the woods and into the mud.  Unfortunately, I, among others, lost my shoe while trying to navigate a particularly swampy stretch, complete with pools of frogspawn that I managed to step in.
More scrambling around followed and there was a long/short split at a junction.  
I can't really remember much more, except we got to the top of the hill and onto the main Forest Walks trail where there were walkers, cyclists and some horses.  Soon, it was On Home and back to the cars where a number of hashers had received chastising notices about parking on verges.  I found this slightly ironic as when we drove past the official Forest Walks car park, it was completely full and there were about 50 cars parked outside on verges.
(Words by Bollards)
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