Knowles Wood - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 12th February 2017

Definitely a cold one, with a little snow on the ground. I left home with three layers, but hashed with four, and great number of woolly hats were on display, including Child Catcher's birthday present from Bollards: it seemed most appreciated on a day like today.

The car park was on the small size, especially since it was half-covered shiggy, and the hash was a joint hash with Taunton H3.  It also included a black and pink lace G-string hanging from the tree - obviously left by the hares when they last visited.  The packs gathered and Spocky admitted that he'd got lost getting to the venue, while following Twin Peaks, and without any fuel. Did he get home ok?
A bit of a loop at the start for the longs, before crossing over the road into Rhododendron Wood, where all the rhododendrons were been cut down and replaced with trees!    Up a steep bank, and along some more woodland paths where every one seemed to be taking a go at slapping Spocky's arse, including Itzy-bitz and Child Catcher (although it may have been all Itzy-bitz).  Then across the gorse land, where Spocky got his own back, and along what seemed a very damp and mystical 'tunnel' through the trees.  We skirted along the side of the holiday park, and across the road, where we heard horns to the right.... but the tail went to the left.  We realised why - it was a long loop that returned us to within a few yards of where we crossed the road, and on-on to the regroup.  Lots of sweets to go round, and we were most appreciative of them especially because the hares had left them at home and had to go back to get them.  The photo below was taken at the stop, without the shorts because they had already 'sucked off' due to the cold.  But we were almost home, and it was just a quick jog through the woods back to the cars.
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Sunday, 19 February Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver50.661807, -3.591693 (map)
Sunday, 26 February Teignmouth - Bollards and familyEastcliffe Car Park - Teignmouth, TQ14 8TE, United Kingdom (map)


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