Dalditch Riding Stables - Spocky and Itzybitz - 5th March 2017

Nice to be back at the Riding Stables for our second visit, and the spectacular cream teas were being highly anticipated as the pack gathered in the cold and wind.  As we huddled together, Groucho announced that Sunday lunches would be available next week at the Crown and Sceptre in Newton St Cyres for £7.50.  

Spocky wished us 'Good Luck' for the trail that he had laid with Itzybitz, who seemed to have been the one making all the decisions during the lay.  Although Spocky denied her suggestion for a fish hook for 89!
With all children accounted for (reference: last year's trail), we crossed the lane and into the woods.  Up a steep climb over lots of sticks and logs and on to the Common, and a view that many had not seen before in daylight.  The first Long-Short split led the longs deliberately in the wrong direction, before reaching a check-back and cutting down on the the path below to rejoin the shorts. Soon there was another long short taking us up another steep hill, but the sun had come out, and coats were coming off.  The pack then looped back to where we had come from (where I took the opportunity for a wee) and towards the reservoir once more.  This was definitely a trail that zigzagged us around quite a small area of land - not that anyone noticed at the time - because we again changed direction, and headed along the edge of the woods, with the sweetie stop by the side of the reservoir.  On arrival, Son-of-the-bitz looked abandoned standing in the middle of the field alone... Spocky couldn't have done it again, could he...?  I'm sure he was just waiting for his dad to run up the hill with the walkers...?  
At the sweetie stop, Wide decided to balance his phone on a post to take a photo of the pack using the self timer.  After two fails, Coffin took control as it began to rain - but forgot to take it off self-timer mode, so there was a Happy-New-Year-style countdown.  Then as the trail continued, it really hammered it down, but just for a couple of minutes, before the sun came out again on our way towards Dalditch Farm.  Apparently there was a fish hook there, but many of us (accidently?) missed it.
Then up the lane, and a route through the woods, including a very muddy long, up a final steep climb to the car park.  Fines were awarded as flapjack, nuts and crisps eaten, and beers and juices drunk.  All of the fish-hook-skippers were fined, as well as father-of-Humpty-Dumpty for his new footwear - he proudly downed his punishment properly, from the shoe!  The cream teas were great again, with hot scones and piles of clotted cream. (Words by Stix)
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Sunday, 12 March
The Crown & Sceptre, Newton St Cyres (map) - Groucho 

Sunday 19th MarchBelle Vue, Templer Way, N of Liverton TQ12 6HL - No Butt and Mouthful (map)Take road signposted to Bovey Tracey at crossroads near The Star. CP is on your right after 1/2 mi.On Down to The Star
Thanks to Wide and Coffin for the photo


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