Templer Way, Liverton - Mouthful and No Butt - 19th March 2017

It was a large turnout for No Butt and Mouthful’s second hash for City of Exeter from this venue. We arrived nice and early, remembering the car park from last time around! The hares arrived at about 5 to 11, complete with takeaway coffee and the circle eventually got together at about 5 past, which was strange as there weren’t really any late comers.
Proud father-to-be-for-the-second-time, Boots, announced that Puss was pregnant; cue the jokes about Woodpecker and his swimming pool. There was the usual call for Hares for April and May with Holeinone volunteering for almost all of the trails before we set off on the 3 and on trail. The first section was in the woods. The shorts stayed there, while the longs headed out onto the road past the Star Inn before crossing back into the woods. The pack came back together and found some muddy, slippery paths which claimed Dobby in a spectacular fashion on his way back from a fish-hook. Soon we arrived at the sweetie stop on a bridge over a small stream, where we clapped and cheered a couple, who were quite innocently out for a nice Sunday bike ride, for no apparent reason and Happy Snapper nearly went A over T when taking the hash flash. The trail continued through the woods, onto another Long/Short split. Mouthful was desperately trying to keep up with the front runners to slow them down, so sneaked up the short route to add in a fish-hook. It worked quite well because he was way behind when I saw the front runners coming back past me, and before I knew it, there was the On-Home mark. Unusually, I was one of the first back at the Car Park. There were fines for a couple of pairs of new shoes, and Spocky who was “feeling amazing”. [words by Bollards]
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Sunday 26th March Topsham (Holman Way CP) EX3 0EN (map) - Hole in One
Sunday, 2 April Stoke Woods upper car park (map) for Splat's Birthday Hash - Bullbait and family


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