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Autumn Gathering 2017

Registration for for the 11th City of Exeter H3 Autumn Gathering is now OPEN!   Click here for registration form and payment details See the words and photos from last year's event here

Pinhoe - Childcatcher - 28th May 2017

HARE REQUIRED for 6th August As usual, for Hash Words, I’ll start off with a comment about the weather.  It was warm – very warm, and sunny.  I started to wish I’d put more sun-screen on.  In the opening circle we had a minutes silence due to the events in Manchester last Monday then the hare, CC – still with a dodgy ankle – advised us it was a two and on trail with one long/short split where the long was much longer than the short. We headed off out of the car park and almost straight to a long/short split.  The longs wound up through some houses, crossed the motorway bridge and then crossed back again via the blue bridge.  We passed an attractive display of heathers, headed up some lanes that used to be the main road through the area in “the old days” eventually arriving at the new housing estate where BB and CC live where we re-joined the shorts.  Fortunately, there was some cold water on offer at the sweetie stop alongside an array of chocolates and fruity gums. Rehydrated,

FW: ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿพ Devon Lunatics H3 First e-Newsletter ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿˆ

City of Exeter H3 – supporting Devon Lunatics as they launch their newsletter Welcome to the Devon Lunatics Hash Newsletter View this email in your browser NEXT LUNATICS HASH: Friday 9th June, 7:30 Young Farmers Club Car Park OD Thatch Inn (opposite CP) Cheriton Bishop Woody     This is the first mailshot for the new monthly newsletter for the Devon Lunatics Hash House Harriers. Numbers have been dwindling and joint runs with other hashes has not helped retain our unique character. In order to address this we are going to trial for 6 months setting tr

Clyst St Mary - Tampa - 21st May 2017

HARES REQUIRED: 6th, 20th and 27th August We were all excited to see an arrow leading into the playing field behind the Village Hall.  Tampa had promised us a different run, including some private ground and we were urged not to leave trail.  So on we went through the gate into the field and the pack scattered in all directions when the trail was actually around the edge and more or less back to where we had started before heading down the road towards the village and right up a narrow path that we’ve seen a few times before.  There was a dense crop of what looked like barley in the field, so there was no way that you could leave the main path through the middle.  On reaching the far side of the field and climbing down the bank onto the road we turned left heading back towards the village again before taking a tour of the marshes and losing the trail on the long.  A quick hop over the wall saw us, once again, heading towards the village, but we deviated up the main road.  Here w

Stover Park, Wide Receiver - 14th May 2017

HARES REQUIRED FOR 11th and 18th JUNE PLEASE (need venues by the end of the week) Another good turnout for a summer Sunday hash. It was already busy at Stover by the time we arrived: obviously some 'normal' people do get up and about on a Sunday morning. It was good to see the Plympton lot with us again, plus English Muffin and family, and others (sorry can't remember his name, but had two children with him - one on his back!). Wide Receiver promised us a flat and non-muddy trail. It was fairly flat, apart from the uphill bits, and was fairly dry, apart from the wet bits. The trail started off in a manner that we would quickly become accustomed too: heading away from the main paths, through the undergrowth. There was an early long-short split, where the longs took a 'path' through the woods, and spotted some rather smelly, phallic fungi - see below for photo! I couldn't get any of the harriets to pose along side it! Then over a slimy fence and up a