Ide - Blobhoblin, Spongeblob and Twin Peaks - 4th June 2017

HARE REQUIRED for 6th August

For the second week in a row we held a minute’s silence in the opening circle, remembering the victims of the London Bridge terror attack.
Normal proceedings followed (in the rain) with Freezeframe and family welcomed back after a very long absence and an introduction to Spongeblob’s mum. The hares had laid a three-and-on trail, requiring five to return for a fish-hook.
 Although eager to get started, the pack dawdled out of the car park to the first check and it took quite some time to find the trail that went up a stream and under the A30. It was a very dark and low tunnel with the added complication of a stream, so you could not gauge where you were putting your feet. Luckily, no-one mentioned rats. It took a while for everyone to get through and then a while longer to negotiate the slippery pipes serving as a ladder to take us back up to the road. Those with dogs had an especially hard time and I think Woodpecker had to turn back to the dry route.
Once everyone was back on the road, the trail went away from the village centre and up a steep hill with a couple of fish-hooks to keep everyone together. Fortunately, there was a regroup at the top, shortly followed by a long/short split. The long continued along the lane before turning left onto another lane and then left again up a footpath. Footloose was very concerned about his legs as there were brambles and stinging nettles and he was only wearing shorts. The long was a loop and re-joined the main trail at the long/short split, so those of us who realised what was happening, went short this time.
 A very steep field took us back towards Ide. There were numerous slippery stiles and electric fences to beware of. Eventually, we arrived at the public car park in Ide where we had a sweetie stop. The trail was cut short from here as there was a curfew at the pub. If we wanted to eat, we needed to be in there by 12.30, and it was already 11.55 with another 3 miles of trail left to go, according to Blobby. Twin Peaks lead us back through Ide and up another stream before we found our own way out onto the main road and back to the pub, in good time for a closing circle where there were a fines for new shoes. [words by Bollards]

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