Lympstone - Spockbitz - 11th June 2017


Today's hash was laid by Spocky. We expected it to be a  long trail and we were not wrong.  We first came to a bridge however Spocky had laid a false trail and we all went the wrong way.  We soon then regrouped as the kissing gate was locked so we all had to climb over it.  We met our first long short split. We went down a small narrow path and found a back check and because we are all like sheep, apart from me obviously.  We nearly decided to go back until we found the trail was actually taking us back to the trail. #hashersaresheep.  Suddenly out of nowhere Twin Peaks dropped her fining book. The trail continued and very evilly we went though continuous meadows of wheat, the farmers did not like that. #Terisa May is not geting presents from Santa this year .  And fortunately for bull bate there were no cows. We eventually we came to the sweet stop where there were only 4 bags of sweets. #weneedmoresweets. I then made a bad mistake - I checked the same way that Bull Bait did. We then carfeully ran back along the sea and nearly got run over by a train.   We came closer to the end of the hash and Spocky made us go through the river that caused the plague.  We found the on home and then got lost.
by Speedy
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18th June: Exminster (Milbury Farm Meadow) - BBQ and Beers - Stix family (map)
25th June: Newton St Cyres Golf Course (picnic) - Groucho (map)


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