Estuary View, Woodbury Common - Woodpecker - 2nd July 2017

Hares required for 3rd, 17th and 24th September

[words by Speedy] This week, we have been in Woodbury Common for Woodpecker's 50th year of hashing. We considered his hash to be a fairly dry hash up at the common as it was scorching weather. We started off  at a quick pace and were in to the first mile quickly, after a walk through the car park in confusion. We then went through some forests until we came to the first long-short-wa***rs split. We ran down to a back check then ran through some fields of dead, scorched plants. Eventually we made it to the sweet stop where we enjoyed lots of sweets. We set off from the sweets, and went down a hill where near a pool, Rocky found it appropriate to say "Maniacs that way" to some young normal people who looked shocked to see him. We continued to run through the common. When we reached the car park we set off to Woodpecker's estate. When we got there we were greeted by his swimming pool and an infinite supply of every sort of curry and every sort of pudding.  Unfortunately there were no fines today because the sheriff was not there.

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9th July: Route 5 restaurant car park, Haldon Hill - Hole in One (map)
16th July: Weston (Car park in Grammar Lane) - Strapo, Mad Max and Swampy (map)

Woodpecker's down down after receiving his 50-years-of-hashing t-shirt


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